The Player – July 7 Results

Thanks to all the players who made this day so much fun and to our sponsors who helped make the day a possibility. We saw some fantastic games played today with some unbelievable skill, everyone should be proud of how they played and I think there were some great friendships made today as well.

I hope everyone had a chance to talk to the team from Disparity Games and get a first look at the incredible game they have been working on.

The games we played today were:


Mario Kart: 

Fifa 18: 

Congrats to our winners we hope you find something great to spend your $50 on.

Player # Player Name Points Winners
17 Bryden Crocker 686 Senior 1st
18 Connor Baxter 635 Senior 2nd
24 Liam Fleming 624 Senior 3rd
4 Ethan Eales 609 Jnr 1st
5 Dakota Knight-Neucom 606 Jnr 2nd
15 Vaan Baxter 585 Jnr 3rd
9 Joshua Bryan 571
13 Toby Vogels 564
22 Lewis 563
10 Tobias Wright 555
25 Kai A 554
14 Samuel Smith 548
7 Zane Kennedy 538
19 Kobi Rochford 537
3 Hudson Petrie 534
23 Ben Carey 512
8 Blade McKay 501
26 Tyler 480
21 Matthew 465
1 Jace Kingdon 448
16 Kai Baxter 443
12 Isaac Kennedy 413
20 Ty Petrie 368
11 Ashtin Moloney 351
6 Joshua Watson 346

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Our Supporters:

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Sunshine Coast Council Grants

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