FIFA18 – What you need to know to Win

If you want to become ‘The Player 2017’ in our FIFA18 competition you will need to get up to speed on this editions new features and tweaks and how you can master the game. The article below show you how to be the best soccer gamer to take out the title. Continue to the link to learn about;

FIFA 18 tips:

Vary your passing
Practice your skill moves
Pace feels nicely balanced
Tackling is out, ‘containing’ is in
Interceptions happen less often
Finesse Shots are back

FIFA 18 new gameplay and controls features:

Quick Subs
Modified Crossing controls
Hard Tackle
Jogging/Slow Dribbling tweaks
Set Piece tweaks

FIFA 18 new visual and technical features:

Improved visuals
Improved stadiums and croweds
New Motion Technology
Sprinting Styles

FIFA 18 new modes and changes:

New Career mode transfer cutscenes
FUT Icons replaces FUT Legends
New FUT Modes

Read the whole article here:

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