The Player – July 7 Results

Thanks to all the players who made this day so much fun and to our sponsors who helped make the day a possibility. We saw some fantastic games played today with some unbelievable skill, everyone should be proud of how they played and I think there were some great friendships made today as well.

I hope everyone had a chance to talk to the team from Disparity Games and get a first look at the incredible game they have been working on.

The games we played today were:


Mario Kart: 

Fifa 18: 

Congrats to our winners we hope you find something great to spend your $50 on.

Player # Player Name Points Winners
17 Bryden Crocker 686 Senior 1st
18 Connor Baxter 635 Senior 2nd
24 Liam Fleming 624 Senior 3rd
4 Ethan Eales 609 Jnr 1st
5 Dakota Knight-Neucom 606 Jnr 2nd
15 Vaan Baxter 585 Jnr 3rd
9 Joshua Bryan 571
13 Toby Vogels 564
22 Lewis 563
10 Tobias Wright 555
25 Kai A 554
14 Samuel Smith 548
7 Zane Kennedy 538
19 Kobi Rochford 537
3 Hudson Petrie 534
23 Ben Carey 512
8 Blade McKay 501
26 Tyler 480
21 Matthew 465
1 Jace Kingdon 448
16 Kai Baxter 443
12 Isaac Kennedy 413
20 Ty Petrie 368
11 Ashtin Moloney 351
6 Joshua Watson 346

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Fortnite – What to Know About the Worlds Most Popular Game

I saw a flyer sent home from a local school recently that was giving parent advice on online safety and I applaud that school for doing so.

In the letter they addressed the concerns around the Battle Royale game Fortnite giving Pro’s and Con’s and tips on dealing with a child’s want to play.

It would have been very easy for this to have turned into another video game bashing moment, but it wasn’t, it was brilliantly delivered with education and information. Most of the concern was targeting news stories that have been circulating in the last few weeks based on “how tired kids are at school” because they have been up all night playing Fortnite. There was good advice here to turn off the device 2 hours before bed to allow their brains to relax ready for a good nights rest.

fortnite mobile
(Fortnite is also available on mobile)

As you can probably tell from my video game website here I am a video game advocate, but I’m also an advocate for child safety and for moderation so I’d like to take a moment to highlight the good work done and expand on it.

Fortnite is suggested for ages 12+ but video game’s should be monitored by parents. Every family is different with varied levels of what is acceptable, it’s important that parents take an active role in discussing with children what is and isn’t acceptable with a game. Kids can get exposed to games through other means like Twitch or even at a friends house, that’s why a discussion is so important.

So what is Fortnite?

Fortnite is a Battle Royal game played as multiplayer only. It uses Cartoon violence to portray a military type game that in much the same way as the popular books and movies “The Hunger Games”, has a group of people dropped on an island who then have to battle it out until there is one survivor. This can also be played in teams so the winning team can be victorious. Fortnite is different to other games in the same genre in that it incorporates a “Mine-Craft” style building aspect where you build forts to climb and protect yourself and team-mates.

The Pro’s of a game like Fortnite is:

Teamwork – In the game you can choose to go solo or work with friends. Using team chat you can devise strategies to help each other and call for help if you are downed.

Can be Educational – As mentioned, strategy is the way you win. If you go into the game “guns-a-blazing” you are less likely to win. The game works at it’s best when you can learn when to protect and when to attack.

Fun – This game is so much fun, it’s bright and colourful with cartoon style graphics. You can dress your character in a number of zany ways and playing in groups brings many memorable moments that you will continue to talk about as you play. “Remember that time you did this!”

The Con’s: 

Violence – The game is cartoon and there is no blood, but you are picking up guns, ammo and other hand held weapons to set out to take down opposition players.

In-App Purchases – This is something to be very aware of. Disable any credit card features if you don’t want a massive unexpected bill from the kids buying a new space helmet or tuxedo outfit or some other ascetic.

Chat and Voice Chat – Some people can be very rude, and there can be a few swear bears when you use the in game chat. If you have decided the game is ok for your kids to play, it might be a good idea to go into settings and “disable in game chat’. If they play with friends on a system like the Xbox get them to start a “Party Chat” so that the only voices they hear are each others.

I would suggest that any parent looks up the game Fortnite and decides for themselves if their child should be playing it. Like all thing’s in life it’s important to set some rules around moderation.

Here are a couple of examples to get you started.

The Player eSports tournament has just added more consoles to play Fortnite as a major part of the roster for this year’s competition. To register for this tournament click the link : THE PLAYER

This article originally appeared on titled “Parental Concerns Answered: Fortnite”.

How Much Do You Know About Rocket League?

Rocket League is a football (Soccer) video game that is played using cars.  The game was first released for Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 4 in July 2015 and since has become available on all consoles including a recent release on the Nintendo Switch.

The game can be played by one to four players assigned to each of the two teams. You then use rocket-powered vehicles to hit a ball into your opponent’s goal to score.

Later updates for the game enabled the ability to modify core rules and added new game modes based on ice hockey and basketball.

Rocket League became an officially sponsored eSport in 2015 where Major League Gaming (MLG) announced the first season of the Pro Rocket League held in September of that year.

Watch live video from RocketLeague on



  1. Learn to use your handbrake – It’s there for a reason, just like boosting and jumping, so be sure to master the use of this tool to get an advantage
  2. Don’t chase the ball – You are going to want to, but think about what position you are in, should you drop and defend or wait for the rebound?
  3. Pass over shoot – Rocket League is a Football game at it’s core, and Football is a game of possession and passing.
  4. Conserve your boost – It’s a limited resource, instead use this technique. Hold forward and double press jump, do this a few times and you’ll reach your destination as quickly as a boost, it’s just harder to manoeuvre (it saves boosting though).
  5. Defence is the best form of attack – If you are lost to where you should be, get back and defend. You team won’t mind the extra help stopping goals rather than getting lost up front. A good save should be applauded as much as a goal!

Fifa is the Game of the Tournament

The excitement is building toward July 7 with the next The Player Tournament on the Sunshine Coast. Elsewhere in the world a very different tournament is happening, The Fifa World Cup where we are 100% behind Australia to win their next couple of games and go through to the next round after an outstanding performance against France (even though it ended in defeat).

It turns out one of the games we’ll be playing will be the popular Fifa 18. This is one of the best football games ever created and at the time of writing this article there are around 5,376,862 Followers of the game on Twitch alone.

One of the things that makes the game stand out above it’s opposition is the realistic graphics, most of the players especially big names look just like their real life counterparts.

The recent addition of a mode dedicated to the Fifa World Cup 2018 is fantastic. It wasn’t that long ago that EA released “World Cup” as a seperate full price title, so to have it as free downloadable content is just amazing.

Watch Australia vs France LIVE from doccydarko on

To get the best result playing Fifa at “The Player” Tournament I recommend to et some practice in. If you don’t have the game you can pick it up quite cheap at the moment at various stores and online. You can also download the demo from the xbox or playstation store for free.

Another great way to play is to support a great local business “RELOAD” who are a gaming lounge based in Caloundra. They have several FIFA titles available to play as well as many other titles that you can play. Prices generally start at around $8 for half an hour, but go for the 1 hour for $12 and get a few games in.

Fifa 18 is all about possession football, so try to keep the ball for as long as you can. Get used to passing the ball back to your defenders and allowing your left and right backs to go on runs, crossing the ball in for an awesome header.

One more tip, don’t be shy with shooting from distance. In this version of the game they are all about the spectacular goal!

See you on July 7!

Don’t miss out as there are limited spots. Book your tickets here:




NBN Blames Gamers for Poor Speeds

Seems that the National Broadband Network in it’s evaluation of how to fix the wireless congestion problems has discovered it’s problem, and it’s a “It’s not me, it’s you” approach.

On Monday at a parliamentary hearing in Sydney the NBN’s chief executive Bill Morrow blamed us online gamers for being the major cause of the networks issues.

The ABC reported that Mr Morrow said “While people are gaming it is a high bandwidth requirement that is a steady streaming process” and as part of a fix for the problem they would introduce a fair use policy that would limit peak hour data usage to no more than 75 gigabytes in any four week period.

Now, let’s just take a step back and think about that for a minute. I’ve heard the term a “trade-men blaming his tools” but I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a situation where they have blamed their actual consumer. That seems not only wrong but actually ridiculous.

So I ask, Mr Morrow and the NBN Team, did you not think of gamers as people who actually use the internet before you rolled out this plan to deliver “high speed internet” into peoples homes?

Because if not, that is a massive over-site and you have no one to blame but yourselves. It’s like they had a meeting and said “what’s the internet, oh its that place people use BookFace on and that Instant-thingy for selfies”. No it’s not, it’s used for a lot more than that.

Not only that but now that you have recognised that there is a real problem with the service you decide that the solution is to punish the people that pay a premium to use the service. How can that even be legal?

Data rationing in 2018, in a 1st world country, where we are seeing a rise in professional twitch streaming is absolutely ridiculous. I hope that if they decide to do this they lower the cost significantly, but that would be unlikely.

Oh, might be time to add a disclaimer as well…

“The NBN, suppling High Speed Internet as long as no one is using it”.

Story by Doccy Darko

The Player eSports Welcomes Disparity Games

Paxaus14 Disparity Games

The Player eSports Tournament 2 is happening on July 7 2018 and we are really excited to announce that this year we are expanding the day to provide some insight for young gamers into the behind the scenes world of video game design and development.

On the day we will be joined by Disparity Games who are an amazing developer based in Noosa and are the masterminds behind some fantastic titles including the amazing platformer “Ninja Pizza Girl”.

Disparity Games Family
Disparity Games Family

In recent years the team have been working on other exciting projects one of which will be released on the Nintendo Switch very soon. Keep and eye out for a podcast coming soon where we will be talking about all the upcoming projects.

If you have had an interest in the behind the scenes world of gaming and are keen to explore a future in game design it would be worth coming along on the day to ask questions and talk to this experienced and lovely local family.

You can register your interest for the July 7 tournament here

Disparity Games Awards & Recognition

  • “Tokyo Game Show 2015 Sony Indie Area Alumni” – “Ninja Pizza Girl”, Tokyo, Japan, 2015
  • “Finalist – Serious Games Showcase and Challenge, Australasia” – “Ninja Pizza Girl”, Adelaide, Australia, 19th August, 2015
  • “Winner – MCV Pacific Women In Games, Creative Inspiration” – Nicole Stark, Sydney, Australia, 26 May, 2015
  • “PAXEast 2015 Megabooth Alumni – “Ninja Pizza Girl”” – “Ninja Pizza Girl”, PAXEast 2015
  • “2013 ALIA NT Recognition Award” – “NT Languages”, Australia, 2013
  • “Reached #1 ipad app on the Australian ios app store” – “Run Fatty Run”, Australia, 2012

If you would like to learn more about Disparity Games click the logo.